«Your custom product solution - made in Switzerland»


We develop and produce your individual and customised packaging solutions at our site in Hombrechtikon. Our specialists draw and design your packaging solution with CAD software and hand over the customer order to production. There, the order is executed using the appropriate process.


Water jets

Water jetting is very suitable for cutting foam. With 3600 bar water pressure and a nozzle diameter of 0.12 to 0.20 mm, the material is cut in a way that is stress-free and CNC-controlled. Since it lies loose on the table, it is not distorted. This means that practically all imaginable shapes can be cut out of the material precisely - with 4 cutting heads at the same time.

With this process, soft foam sheets up to a maximum thickness of 200 mm can be cut.



Milling is an alternative to water jetting. CNC-controlled, practically any shape can be milled here as well. Milling is particularly advantageous when producing parts with very many and different heights. Even then, the part is still very stable because it is virtually «cast» from one piece.

Laser cutting and engraving

The laser allows plastic sheets to be cut quickly, precisely and with a clean surface. Reworking is not necessary. With the engraving function, various materials such as plastic, metal, foam, wood etc. can be cleanly engraved. This durable and elegant form of engraving can also be done on materials that are otherwise difficult to engrave.


The cutter is particularly suitable for creating various packaging prototypes. We use it to create your cardboard or foam prototypes in a short time. The advantage of this machine is that the cutter can cut, mill and roll at the same time.

Splitting & Laminating

With the splitting machine, the foams can be split to size. Foam sheets delivered as raw material in blocks or slabs are cut cleanly and evenly to any desired millimetre thickness. The maximum sheet size is 1.5 m x 3 m.

With the laminating machine, PE foam sheets can be neatly welded over the entire surface in one go. This is possible up to a maximum thickness of 200 mm.


Die cutting

Foam can also be die cut very well. Thanks to simple moulds and short cycle times, larger series can be produced cost-effectively. The CNC-controlled production of the cutting dies also allows for more complicated shapes! Compared to water jetting, only the contours are slightly curved, but this is insignificant, especially for disposable packaging!


3D design with SolidWorks

The modern CAD software Solidworks allows us to create drawings quickly and efficiently. The isometric representation in bird's eye view illustrates the presented solution. This simplifies drawing reading for inexperienced people and helps to avoid mistakes.

Machine-oriented programming with SolidCAM

Once the drawing has been created on CAD, the data still has to be prepared for the machine. This is done with the supplementary SolidCAM software. All relevant dimensions and functions are translated into the machine language and transferred to the machine control via the postprocessor. In this way, once CAD drawings have been created, they can be converted directly in the machine to the finished product.

Drop test for packaging with the highest demands

Depending on the requirements of the packaging, empirical values or calculations are no longer sufficient. Drop tests must be carried out to be able to guarantee the protection provided by the packaging. This can be done using predefined standards (e.g. post standard) or using individually defined procedures. The successful test is recorded and, if necessary, handed over to the customer as a certificate.