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Our Services

In addition to our customised products, we also offer a wide range of services. These are, for example, water jet cutting and milling on a contract basis, punching, laser engraving, label printing or even complete packaging assembly. We also offer drop tests and electrical certification of the complete packaging.

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Range of services

Water jetting on a contract basis

Water jetting is very suitable for cutting foam. With 3600 bar water pressure and a nozzle diameter of 0.12 to 0.20 mm, the material is cut in a way that is stress-free and CNC-controlled. Since it lies loose on the table, it is not distorted. This means that practically all imaginable shapes can be cut out of the material precisely - with 4 cutting heads at the same time. With this process, soft foam sheets up to a maximum thickness of 200 mm can be cut. With our self-developed 3D machine, we can produce bevel cuts and cones in all variations.

Milling on a contract basis

Milling is an alternative to water jetting. CNC-controlled, practically any shape can be milled here as well. Milling is particularly advantageous when producing parts with very many and different heights. Even then, the part is still very stable because it is virtually «cast» from one piece.

Laser engraving

The laser allows clean engraving of various materials such as plastic, metal, foam, wood, etc. This durable and elegant form of engraving can also be done on materials that are otherwise difficult to engrave.

Die cutting

Foam can also be die cut very well. Thanks to simple moulds and short cycle times, larger series can be produced cost-effectively. The CNC-controlled production of the cutting dies also allows for more complicated shapes. Suitable above all for cost-effective disposable packaging.

Label printing

With our two printing machines, we are ideally equipped to print cases, containers and labels in-house. This can range from small labels to full-surface image printing on suitcases. This is not only efficient but it also widens the variety of options and saves costs. We also offer label printing on a contract basis!

Drop tests

If required, we organise internal or external drop tests. Depending on the requirement, even with the documentation and certificate.

Electrical certifications

Do you need a container or box with an integrated electrical installation?
We procure and assemble all electrical components and have the entire installation certified.


We assemble and pack in such a way that your products arrive safely. Manual packaging leaves a lot of room for your ideas. We pack items as samples and as series packaging, special promotions etc. for you and also take care of the logistics. You can benefit from our flexibility and experience: there is virtually nothing that cannot be done.