Milled and water jetted inlays can be quickly and effienctly produced. Thanks to CNC programming a vast array of forms and usages of inlays is possible.

Milling is very well suited for inlays with alot of cutouts with varying depths. A complete inlay can be made in one step. The corners are not rectangular due to the drill piece and can be made with a minimal radius of 2mm.

With water jetting, very complexed contours can be created. Depending upon the thickness of the foam several layers can be jetted at once, this increases the efficiency of the production. In addition to this the corenrs can be cut to a rectangular form. depending upon the depths of the cutouts some layers must be cut by hand to achieve the required depth.


Foam packagings are produced with the most modern manufacturing processes. Precise, fast and affordable from prototyping to serial production.
Whether foam as interior lining for cases, drawers, paperboard-containers, as transport protection for fragile and sensitive goods, for representative demonstrations or for customer acquisition - Water-jet cut foam can be used for all facilities.
We produce shaped-foam pieces in-house using CNC-controlled water-jet cutters. Both one-offs and long runs can be produced cost-effectively. There is a good choice of materials from high-quality fine-cell foam suitable for product presentation to laminated foam that is ideal for protection during transport and storage.
For the choice of the adapted packaging-solution we' ve available a wide range of materials. From high class fine-cell foam for the presentation of your products to laminated packaging-foam whose primary purpose is the protection, the transportation and the stockage.
Stamping is an option to shape foam pieces that are used as a secondary packaging element.
Disposable packaging has to be cheap, easy to handle and logistically simple. It must also be environmentally neutral. Often a collapsible corrugated cardboard box is used. The quality can be varied to suit the purpose and cardboard can be cheaply combined with foam.
Reusable packaging needs a robust outer-surface. So cases or containers are preferable to cardboard. With custom-cut foam inlays your products will be safely protected for years.
Why not enquire about a prototype and offer? We are always happy to oblige in this way or to answer any other questions.