Water jet

The jets of water is a very suitable method for the foam cutting. With 3600 bar water pressure and a nozzle diameter of 0.12 to 0.20 mm the material is cut via a CNC controller. The material lies freely on the table, and allows for no warping of the material. Thus, practically all conceivable shapes can be precisely cut out of the material with 4 cutting heads simultaneously.
With this method, soft foam sheets up to max. 200mm thickness are cut. With abrasive additives hard materials such as glass, stone, or metals can be separated.


Milling offers an alternative to water jets. CNC controlling allows for virtually any shape to be realised. Milling is especially advantageous in the manufacture of parts with many and different height levels. The part is also very stable, since it is almost a "cast".

Laser cutting and engraving

The laser allows fast inhouse plastic sheets to cut precisely and with clean surface. Any post-processing is not required. With the engraving function different materials such as plastic, metal, foam, wood, etc. can be cleanly engraved. A durable and noble form of labeling. Also in materials which are otherwise difficult to label.

Die cutter

Foam can be also cut with a die cutter. Thanks to simple shapes and short cycle times, larger series can be produced inexpensively . The CNC controlled manufacturing of die cutting allows even complicated forms! Compared to the water jets the contours are only slightly cambered. However, especially in one-way packaging, it is meaningless!

Splitting and doubling

With the splitting machine, the foams can be cleaved at the required height. That means foam sheets, which are delivered in blocks or sheets as raw material can be cut cleanly and evenly to any desired millimeter thickness. Max. size 1.5x3m.