3D design with SolidWorks

The modern CAD Software SolidWorks allows quick and efficient  realisation of 3D models and drawings. The isometric view illustrates the solution simply. This makes the drawings easy to follow for non engineered minded people and reduces any errors.

Machine oriented programming with SolidCAM

Drawings created on CAD must be processed to be suitable for machines. This is done with the complementary software SolidCAM. All relevant mass and functions are translated into the machine language and transferred via postprocessor into the machine control. The once created CAD drawings can be directly converted in the machine to the finished product.

Drop test for packaging with the highest demands

Depending on the requirements for a packaging sufficient calculations or experience can not always cover all senarios. Drop tests are made in order to guarantee the protection provided by the packaging. This can be done by means of predefined standards ( for example Post standard ) or by individually defined procedures. The successful test is logged and can be given to the customer as a certificate.