Verpatec supports Special Olympics and «Herold bei der Polizei»

AVT Verpatec AG is committed to the community and the young talents. It has supported the Special Olympics Switzerland as a donor since 2016 and the Police Music of the City of Zurich with the coloring and puzzle book «Herold bei der Polizei».

Commitment as responsibility
«We are committed to the community and young talents because, as an employer, we not only have a responsibility to our employees and our company," explains Marcel Wicki, CEO of AVT Verpatec AG.

«We like the vision of Special Olympics to create an inclusive world through the power of sport, where people with intellectual disabilities can lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives,» he adds.

In addition, exercise and sports support mental performance, as shown in various studies and articles (see, for example, the following sources: University Bamberg, 2005, Voll, Stefan; Buuck, Sabine, Steigerung der geistigen Leistungsfähigkeit durch Bewegung; University Siegen, 21.7.2021, Björn Erwig, Macht Sport schlau? – Wie sich Bewegung auf unser Gehirn auswirkt).

Moments of success and personal development
Another important aspect of this commitment is the sustainable sports and exercise programs offered by Special Olympics, which enable their athletes to experience unforgettable moments of success and to develop both physically and mentally. According to Special Olympics, as a donor, Verpatec makes an important contribution to enabling children, young people and adults with impairments to participate in sports and exercise opportunities. «We are pleased to be able to make a difference with our commitment and to support the Special Olympics vision,» says the Verpatec CEO.

Encouraging creativity and acquiring knowledge through play
«We support this project of the Police Music of the City of Zurich because the idea behind it appeals to us, to awaken children's curiosity, The children can be creative and learn unconsciously at the same time," says Marcel Wicki and confirms that these skills are of great advantage for the working world.

In «Herold bei der Polizei», children learn in short stories what police work is like, learn playfully by «puzzling» and can give free rein to their creativity by coloring.

The coloring and puzzle book is distributed to daycare centers, kindergartens and schools throughout Switzerland.



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