Customized and safe packaging solution for pellet radiant heater

Verpatec has designed and produced a customized packaging solution for the pellet radiant heater Hämmerli Wärme GmbH.

Hämmerli Wärme GmbH sells its products for energy-efficient heating with pellets internationally. A specific transport and packaging solution was required to ensure that these products can be shipped safely by post and reach their customers undamaged even after long transport routes.

Verpatec designed a packaging with foam in which the individual parts of the pellet heater are accommodated in a non-slip manner. The solution was implemented within a short time - not only due to the expertise of our design team and the implementation of this packaging solution in our production hall on site, but especially due to the excellent cooperation with David Hämmerli, co-owner of Hämmerli Wärme GmbH.

«Clear and specific requirements of our customers regarding the packaging solution and the provision of the products to be packaged support our design and production team in advising and implementing the optimal transport and packaging solution,» explains Ivo Müller, Deputy CEO of Verpatec AG.

«We are very pleased that we were able to implement this packaging solution for Hämmerli Wärme GmbH,» adds Ivo Müller.

Do you also need a customized packaging solution with or without foam to optimally store your products, transport them safely or present your goods in a suitable way? Contact us.